Gunn reportedly heading back to the 80s for Suicide Squad inspiration

It seems that James Gunn wants to dig back a ways for his Suicide Squad inspiration. While the 2016 film pulled from the New 52 version of the team that added Harley Quinn in 2011, Gunn wants to head back to the John Ostrander and Kim Yale’s 1980s run to pull from.

According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn wants to head back to the Ostrander and Yale days where things were a bit more dangerous. Most notably, this was before Deadshot – rumored to be played by Idris Elba – had his daughter Zoe added to his backstory. The 1980s version of the character was someone who enjoyed his job as a hired gun and came from an abusive background. He was also someone who did not have compassion for other people and was far more cold-blooded – as well as suicidal – than the New 52 iteration.

If this is indeed where Gunn is pulling his inspiration from, it could be a very different Deadshot we see on screen with this film.

This also brings up some interesting questions about the possible inclusion of Harley Quinn this time around. Rumors have fluctuated about whether or not she will appear in the film. The most recent ones have indicated she would, but as she comes from a different iteration of the team, can he make it gel? The simple answer is, probably.

While Gunn may be looking to the Ostander/Yale days, his team is already showing to be more something of his own making. The most recent rumors of who will make up the team roster includes only two characters – Deadshot and King Shark – that have ever been in comic versions of the team. If he chooses to include Harley, that is well within his parameters.

Of course, none of this is real until it’s officially announced, but it does sound like we’re in for a very different ride this time around.


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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter