James Gunn’s Suicide Squad mission possibly revealed in new report

According to a new report, we may have an idea to the plot of James Gunns’ The Suicide Squad, and it sounds like it confirms a few other reports.

A recent report on the potential Suicide Squad team roster called for in Gunn’s script sure didn’t sound like a group that could take on a high-powered target. You aren’t typically going to send Ratcatcher in to fight Superman or the like. According to a report from Discussing Film, that isn’t a concern.

Reportedly the team will be hearing to Qurac, a fictional country in the worlds of DC, to take out Onslaught. In the comics, Onslaught was a team of superpowered Quraci nationals that were sponsored by the government.

This fits in with the recent rumor that Gunn would be looking to the Ostrander/Yale run on Suicide Squad as the first appearance of Onslaught was in the first issue of the 1987 Ostrander series. The team at that time consisted of Chimera (actually a Squad member named Nightshade), Djinn, Jaculi, Manticore, Colonel Mushtaq, Ravan, and Rustam. As with the huge number to rotate through the Squad, Onslaught has also had many iterations, so there is a chance he will switch up who is in the team.

One new piece of info from Discussing Film is that it reports there are some rumors Killer Frost is in the script on the side of the Squad, but that is not completely checked out yet.

The Suicide Squad is slated to hit theaters on Aug. 6, 2021.


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SOURCE: Discussing Film