Dark Knight trilogy IMAX tickets sell out rapidly

It would seem people are pretty excited about the prospect of seeing The Dark Knight Trilogy on IMAX again.

Announced earlier this week, special screenings of The Dark Knight Trilogy in 70mm IMAX will be happening throughout the U.S. and Canada in the coming weeks. At the first stop on the tour, Los Angeles, Christopher Nolan will hold a Q&A session as well. That session will then be filmed and shown as part of the screenings at the other locations.

According to The Wrap, ticket sales were very, very brisk. Los Angeles is said to have sold out in under 60 seconds. The AMC Lincoln Square in New York City also sold out almost immediately. As of this morning when checking the IMAX website, it appears that the other three showings have also now sold out. While not stated blatantly, clicking ‘Get Tickets‘ takes you to page saying “No upcoming showtimes. Sign up for updates.”

You never know with events such as this if selling out this fast will lead to an expansion of locations, additional dates, or possibly nothing at all. It certainly couldn’t hurt to add some screenings in additional countries, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Warner Bros. chooses to do with this success.