Gotham releases ‘red band’ trailer for the entrance of Bane

Gotham is in the twilight of its run, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still throw viewers a few curveballs.

It’s absolutely no secret that Bane (Shane West) is about to make his presence known, and to give fans a taste of the mayhem to come, a ‘red band’ trailer was released. In the parlance of movie trailers, a ‘red band’ trailer is a trailer for a film that can only be shown with R-rated films and may contain cursing or graphic violence.

No, neither of those really happen in this trailer. Yes, there is some blood splatter, but nothing more than you would see during the show itself. Perhaps a bit more than you would see than say if this ran during daytime TV.

Gotham has this week off from airing, but will return on March 21 with an episode aptly entitled, “I Am Bane.”