Ralph Fiennes would love to take on a live-action Alfred

Ralph Fiennes has already taken a turn as Alfred in LEGO form, but does he want to try his hand at live-action? Of course he does.

Being interviewed on the red carpet recently Fiennes was asked about whether he would want to take a turn at playing Alfred. “A lot of good people have gone before me. I’d be happy to follow in their footsteps!” He then looked in the camera and pointed, saying, “Put that out there! Alfred!”

With Matt Reeves’ The Batman reportedly going for a younger version of the caped crusader, a change in Alfreds is pretty much inevitable. With that in mind, seeing Fiennes in the role would be pretty perfect. While he couldn’t play it as humorous, he certainly has enough of an acting resume he could also take the character seriously.

For now, it’s just a dream, but kind of a fun one to bat around and ponder.


IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Ralph Fiennes – Featurflash Photo Agency