J.K. Simmons hopes to play Commissioner Gordon again

J.K. Simmons wishes he knew more about his turn as Commissioner Gordon, but it seems he is as in the dark about as fans are.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Simmons was asked about his role as Gotham’s most famous police officer. “I wish I could have something to offer, but actually if I did know more I don’t think… they’d probably shoot me if I told you.”

Simmons went on to add, “I know nothing, I know that I signed up to do three movies and I hope there are going to be two more. It has been in and around and through, whether it be Batman or Justice League or another Suicide Squad, or where Commissioner Gordon might end up appearing again, I’m open to it.” He concluded by saying, “I’m not sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring in the meantime, but I hope there’s more of that in the future.”

With Matt Reeves’ The Batman seemingly going back to an early time in the caped crusader’s career, it seems unlikely that he would appear there in the role. However, mentioning ‘another Suicide Squad,’ he could definitely appear in the upcoming James Gunn film without issue. Although it appears the Squad will be venturing out of the U.S., that isn’t to say one of the team members couldn’t be locked up in the GCPD and retrieved from there or the like.

Of course, that is merely speculation.

Having an Oscar-winning actor on the dotter line for two more films seems like a shame to not bring him back in some way. But we’ll just have to wait and see if we ever get to see him protecting the streets of Gotham again.


SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight