Shazam early box office tracking starts creeping up

It seems that tracking for the opening weekend of Shazam! is definitely trending upwards.

Last week we reported that the earliest tracking was projecting somewhere between $40 to $45 million. Forbes has now chimed in with some new tracking that is indicating that $50M is looking far more likely?

The sudden change can basically be attributed to the increase in marking materials that are finally being released. With a new trailer, billboards going up in Times Square, and so on, consumer awareness of the film is definitely growing.

As we said previously, this film is going to run heavy on word of mouth marketing. Those early screenings are two weeks out for a reason, and that’s to build up hype amongst people who didn’t attend them. And once the film does go wide, it’s going to accelerate that even more.

There is no way Shazam! is going to do a $100M opening weekend some other superhero movies do, but it’s going to end up doing quite well for you. The estimate for break-even right now is $230M global, and there is no way it won’t surpass that if it does $50M or more opening weekend.

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5 for general release, and early screenings take place on March 23.

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SOURCE: Forbes