Armie Hammer shoots down Batman rumors again

Shutterstock - Armie Hammer - Featureflash Photo Agency
Shutterstock - Armie Hammer - Featureflash Photo Agency

Despite the fact his name seems to pop up every couple days, Armie Hammer has again denied that he has talked with anyone about playing Batman.

Armie Hammer was on The Tonight Show to promote his new film, Hotel Mumbai, and the topic of the Batman rumors came up yet again.

Speaking in general to rumors about future projects, Hammer said, “This is the thing about rumors, they’re all fine, they’re all well and good, but none of the people who start rumors are actually the people who can give you jobs.” Hammer went on to say, “So it’s always like, ‘Oh are you going to play Batman?’ Well, you just asked me, but guess who hasn’t: Warner Bros.”

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon then asked Hammer if anyone had talked to him about it, to which he replied emphatically, “No. Dammit.” Fallon asked if he would consider it, and Hammer seems good to go with the idea, saying, “Yeah, like who wouldn’t want to be Batman?”

We understand that late night talk show hosts are probably not versed in the full history of DC films, but it would still be nice to see some of them address how he did indeed once have the job. How quickly the world seems to forget about the abandoned Justice League Mortal.

At this stage there does not appear to be any indication as to who may take over the cowl since Ben Affleck’s departure. The rumors seem to indicate that Matt Reeves wants to go younger for The Batman, but it remains to be seen who shall actually prowl the street of Gotham.


PHOTO: Shutterstock – Armie Hammer – Featureflash Photo Agency