Zack Snyder Q&A videos from Director’s Cut event available to watch

Zack Snyder / Vero

The Zack Snyder “The Director’s Cuts” event is happening this weekend in Pasadena. Each film is being followed up with a Q&A session, and there were definitely some things to be heard following the Watchmen viewing.

From quotes posted to Twitter by Stephen M. Colbert:

Question from audience member: “You have a lot of director’s cuts and that’s a great tradition and I’d like to see it continue”
Zack: :raises mic to his mouth… pauses: “me too.”
Someone yells “release the Snyder Cut” And Zack just smiles

You can head over to to watch the archives of the first two days. Day one was a Q&A relating to Dawn of the Dead, and day 2 is Watchmen. Sunday night will be Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and there is sure to be a lot to hear about.

There’s no indication how long these videos will be available, so we suggest watching them soon if you’re interested.