Shazam! previews bring in a healthy number at the box office

It’s not time to set off fireworks quite yet, but the numbers are in for the Shazam! preview that occurred over the weekend, and things are certainly looking good.

Shazam! managed to take in $3.3M from its preview showing this weekend. While that may not sound huge, remember it was on only 1,200 screens and with limited showings.

To put that in comparison, Aquaman took in $2.9M at its preview event, How to Train Your Dragon 3 did $2.6M, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle did $1.8M.

This is certainly not to suggest Shazam! will go on to beat Aquaman‘s global box office total of $1.14B, but it does give us some hope of slightly higher numbers than were being projected. The opening weekend is still said to be pegged around $45M. Between good word of mouth, a Rotten Tomatoes score currently at 94%, and just a generally positive vibe floating around for the film, things are certainly looking up.


VIA: Deadline