Zack Snyder talks Snyder Cut, ‘Martha,’ and more at event

The Zack Snyder “The Director’s Cuts” event concluded on Sunday night with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

You can head over to to watch the archives of the all three days. Day one was a Q&A relating to Dawn of the Dead, and day 2 is Watchmen. And night 3, was, of course, Batman v Superman. Snyder discussed the infamous “Martha” moment and gave some explanation as to how that came about. He also goes into detail about the overall production. It’s an interesting lesson in filmmaking.

There’s no indication how long these videos will be available, so we suggest watching them soon if you’re interested.

And wrapping things up, Twitter user Carlos Pro shared that Snyder told him during the autograph session that, yes, the ‘Snyder Cut’ of Justice League does exist.

Another user added that Snyder said there are actually 10 different cuts of the film.

Now comes the question… which one is the definitive one?

At this stage, it appears the ball is firmly in Warner Bros. court if we will ever see any other version of Justice League.