Gotham releases official look at the Batman cowl

Gotham released the first official look at the Batman cowl on Thursday as it heads towards its final two episodes.

With only two episodes left to air – April 18 and April 25 – Gotham is at the finish line, and now comes the slow reveal of its version of Batman. First up, the back of his head.

We’ve already seen the front of the suit in leaks, but, of course, it’s always nice to see clear images of these suits.

From this image, it appears the cowl comes down over his shoulders and quite a bit his back is covered. This is sure to make turning his head less than optimal.

Current rumors indicate we will only see the full costume in the final episode when the series leaps ahead in time. This isn’t dissimilar to what happened with Smallville back in the day in that we didn’t see the iconic suit until the very end. It sounds as though this won’t be in the last minute, but will be throughout the episode.