Henry Cavill with his mustache image finally surfaces

We all knew it would have to happen someday, and it appears that it finally has: A picture has surfaced of Henry Cavill in the Superman suit with his mustache.

At this stage in the history of the DCEU, the mustache incident is well-known. Reshoots were needed on Justice League, but Cavill had grown a mustache for Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Paramount and Warner Brothers argued over whether or not Cavill could shave it, and eventually, it was decided he couldn’t and he had to shoot with it. The mustache was digitally erased and did not go over well with fans due to the odd look it gave him.

To date, the mustache has been a mystery and successfully hidden, but now Reel Anarchy has come into possession of an image it has confirmed with a source as being the real deal.

Justice League Reshoots - Cavill with Mustache - Reel Anarchy - 01

Reel Anarchy fully acknowledges it shared this image on April Fools Day, but attests that this is not some elaborate prank and the photo is indeed real.

All we need now is to see some form of video so we can complete the image of how it looks to see a Superman with a mustache talking and being all Superman-like. In this modern age, something is certain to surface eventually.


SOURCE: Reel Anarchy