Warner Bros. has some April Fools fun to promote Shazam

No, this is not an actual trailer for Aquaman 2. Lets just get that out of the way right at the start so no one is confused. This is just Warner Bros. having some fun in the last few days before the release of Shazam.

With Shazam! opening on April 5, Warner Bros. has released a 30-second touting the reviews that have come in for the film. The studio just decided to have a bit of fun at the top of the video.

Of course, with Aquaman 2 not due to hit theaters until Dec. 22, 2022, it’s just a tad early for there to be a trailer for it.

As April Foolks jokes go, and we’ve seen a ton of them over the years, this one ranks up there as being fairly harmless, while also being cute. Why not use the sequel to the biggest film int he DCEU to bring in viewers for the next DC film? Works for everyone it seems.

Shazam! will open on April 5 for general release following highly successful previews.

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