Titans season 2 crew members share behind the scenes photos

Production on Titans season 2 has officially begun, and the crew has decided to share some behind the scenes photos.

While the cast was sharing a lot of photos before production began, it seems that they have gone mostly quiet for the time being, and now it is time for the crew to take over.

Cinematographer Boris Mojsovski has posted a few images so far, kicking off with this shot from day 1 of shooting.

The second images does make us think someone may be trying to get rid of some demons in a certain house.

Considering where season 1 left us, it’s no big surprise where Titans season 2 will kick off. Where it will go from here is the big question with so many new characters on the playing field.

With the Wilson family being introduced, that’s not going to leave a ton of room for other storylines it feels like. Esai Morales has signed on as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, while Chella Man will play his son Jericho, and Chelsea T. Zhang will take on the role of Rose Wilson.

DC Universe has now confirmed the season will launch some time this fall.