Shazam! powers to a $53.5M opening weekend in the U.S.

Shazam! ended the weekend coming in just slightly ahead of the final early tracking. The last report we had gotten was for $50M and it came in at $53.5XM. It was able to secure the top spot at the box office.

When you add in the returns from the previews held prior to release, Shazam! now stands at $56.8M domestic. In the foreign markets, it has taken in an additional $44M, and took in $15.3M on its opening day in China. The overall global total is $158.77M

There are four wide releases next weekend – defined as any movie opening on more than 2,000 screens – so it could be a tough run next weekend just from the amount of competition. The films are Hellboy, After, Little, and Missing Link. Hellboy, of course, speaks to the same demographic of comic fans, and Missing Link could speak to the family viewership demographics.

The big secret to the longevity of any movie at the theaters is how it holds in the second weekend. Unless you come in with a crazy opening weekend – think the openings of hundreds of millions –  the rule of thumb is a 50% or less drop means you’ll have a decent run. A drop of more than 50% and then you have to study things a bit closer as to what may have caused it.

With an A CinameaScore, good reviews, and strong word of mouth, it’s looking as though Shazam! may not set the box office on fire, but it’s still going to do quite well.

If you’ve already seen Shazam!, feel free to jump into the conversation we’re having, or learn what the credits scene meant.