James Gunn teases comic inspiration for his Suicide Squad movie

James Gunn may have finally dropped a fairly big hint as to the inspiration for his upcoming The Suicide Squad.

There have been a ton of rumors surrounding the upcoming James Gunn Suicide Squad project, and now it seems that has given us a hint that will play heavily into those. Taking to his Instagram stories, Gunn shared an image of the Suicide Squad trade paperback, “Trial by Fire.” He included the hashtags “suicidesquad” and “johnostrander.”

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There was a rumor in March that Gunn was going to pull inspiration from the 1980s Ostrander run of the title, and that certainly seems to be the fact now. That initial report was then quickly followed up by hints that the new film would see the team heading to Qurac – a fictional country in DC stories over the years – which was what happened in the early days of the Ostrander/Yale run.

This particular image that Gunn chose has another interesting aspect to it. We’ve recently heard that Idris Elba won’t be playing Deadshot, but will instead take on another role in the film. And right there in the image is Bronze Tiger, the character fans seem to be clamoring for Elba to play. Also of note in this image is Captain Boomerang, and with Jai Courtney saying he’s coming back, this certainly makes you wonder.

At some point all of the rumors surrounding The Suicide Squad will be cleared up officially, but it sure feels as though James Gunn just tried to give us some definite hints.


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