Cameron Monaghan shares new image of Gotham’s Joker

Gotham will kick off its final two episodes this month, and leading up to that, Cameron Monaghan seems to love sharing images of his final look for the series.

We’ve already been shown what the Joker will look like in the final episode of the series, but now Monaghan has shared a behind the scenes image which gives us a closer look.

As you may remember, he fell in a vat at Ace Chemicals in a fight with Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). When last we saw him, he was laying in a hospital bed wrapped in bandages. The final episode of the series will jump ahead 10 years, and apparently that is where we’ll see Jeremiah’s new look. While it shares portions of the classic look in the green and purple coloring motif, it’s not quite like any other Joker we’ve seen in live-action.

It’s going to be a busy year for the Joker, it seems. After Gotham ends we have a Joker movie to look forward to in October.

Gotham returns on April 25 with an episode entitled, “They Did What?“.