Paul Greengrass’ Watchmen test footage is an amazing alternate world

Back before Zack Snyder made his version of Watchmen, there were other folks in Hollywood trying to adapt it as well. Amongst those people was Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, Captain Phillips), and he even got to the stage of shooting test footage.

Recently some test footage from Greengrass’ Watchmen has resurfaced, and it’s an interesting little slice of surrealism in a world where someone else made this movie. Before you click play, keep in mind test footage is shot for next to nothing. This is not any sort of indication of what the final film would have looked like in terms of sets, costumes, and so on.

Adding to the other world factor of this, that is indeed Iain Glen – the man just cast as Bruce Wayne on Titans – as Dan/Nite Owl. Rorshach is played by Paddy Considine.

The whole video is an interesting history and worth a watch, but it’s always interesting to see what other interpretations may have happened of this classic series.


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