Titans season 2 behind the scenes videos and photos start popping up

Titans season 2 production is underway, and the cast is wasting no time sharing some behind the scenes photos and videos.

Of course the big news right now for Titans season 2 is that the series has cast Bruce Wayne. Since it’s doubtful he’s anywhere near the set yet, we’ll just have to enjoy some pictures and videos of the cast from season 1.

First up, Alan Ritchson shared an image of him with some of the team to his Instagram Stories. It looks as though he, Anna Diop (Koriand’r), Conor Leslie (Donna Troy), Minka Kelly (Dawn), and Curran Walters (Jason Todd) just want to stay warm. Night shoots will do that to you.

New BTS photo of the squad from Alan Ritchson’s story from TitansTV

Then another video showed up of Ritchson and Kelly between takes. We can’t quite tell what is going on as this is a video shot of a camera monitor and you can hear Kelly speaking to someone out of sight about turning something up.

BTS video of Hawk and Dove! from TitansTV

Judging by the surroundings in both the picture and the video, we’re going to guess (and we stress that it’s a guess) that everyone is converging on Rachel’s house to help with the confrontation with Trigon.

Considering that Titans season 2 only began filming this week, something tells us there will be a lot more of this on th eway over the next few months.