Mezco’s One:12 Batman: Sovereign Knight Onyx Edition is amazing

When I first became aware of Mezco, I wasn’t that impressed. For one thing, I wasn’t all that interested in collecting figures (of any kind). But beyond that, I suppose I just lumped Mezco’s popular One:12 line in with the wide range of brands offering 6-inch figures with interchangeable parts. But boy, was I wrong.

After a few gateway drugs—Marvel Legends Fantastic Four, a few DC Universe, an SHFiguarts—I started to get a bit more interested. It didn’t hurt that I had seen One:12 a bit closer up at Toy Fair 2018, either. So when Mezco announced the addition of Green Lantern John Stewart to the lineup, I took the plunge and preordered it. And when they announced the exclusive “Onyx Edition” of their Sovereign Knight Batman, I preordered that, too. Bats arrived a few weeks ago, and I just finished reviewing him over at Comics Now. So what did I think? In case you didn’t read the headline:

Simply put, it’s an outstanding figure, and if you only know Mezco from pictures—or even from the other side of a glass case at a convention—then you don’t totally understand the appeal yet.

Unfortunately, this particular figure is sold out, but you can try to track it down on eBay. And if you’ve never given Mezco a second look, or if you’ve been on the fence about picking up one of these figures, I’m telling you, take the chance—as cool as these things look on a website, it’s a whole new world once you’re actually holding one in your hands.

Check out some of my favorite pictures from shooting this delightful figure, and then head over to Comics Now for the full review.

This review is completely independent. I purchased the item myself from Mezco’s website.