Shazam cameo actor reveled: Who played [SPOILER]?

If you’ve seen Shazam! already and you’ve wondered who it was in that big cameo, a new report has that information for you.

Consider everything below this image a spoiler.

It has been known for some time that Superman had a cameo in Shazam!, but the question has been whether or not Henry Cavill would be the one in the suit. With the movie now out in theaters, it has been exceedingly clear that it was not him in the suit, leaving the question as to who actually wore it.

German movie site Film Starts reached out to Warner Bros. for the information and were told that the man in the suit was stunt actor Ryan Handley. He was already working on the film as a stunt double for Zachary Levi, and according to his IMDB page he has already done other stunt work for DC projects including Suicide Squad.

While everyone would have preferred Henry Cavill to have appeared in the suit, it just didn’t work out for whatever reason. Some say it was time. Some say it was an issue over contracts. We may just never know for sure. But for now, we can just thank Handley for putting on the costume and giving us a fun cameo.


SOURCE: Film Starts (in German)