Batwoman appears to be a lock to join The CW lineup

Surprising seemingly no one, the odds are looking very positive that Batwoman will be joining The CW lineup for the 2019-2020 television season.

Deadline is keeping tabs on all of the various pilots currently in production to see which ones have the best shot at making it to air. According to the latest reports, Batwoman appears to be a lock to join The CW. This isn’t too terribly surprising, but it’s always nice to hear someone in the know share the information as well.

Batwoman was introduced during the 2018 Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds, and she was played by Ruby Rose. It was known this was a test to see how the character was received. It then moved on to the pilot stage which was shot during March.

With the news that Arrow is coming to an end with a shortened eighth season, that definitely seemed to up the possibility that Batwoman would be picked up. The current Arrowverse shows are starting to age out, and it’s time to start bringing in some new material if the network wants to keep things going.

While this isn’t a Batman series, that doesn’t preclude some of his Rogues Gallery from appearing. Additionally, Batwoman has her own assortment of villains, and we already know that her arch-enemy Alice has been cast. Seeing as she is due to appear in the pilot, that already feels as though that may be the story arc for the first season sorted out.

With Arrow sticking around for the first half of the season, there is a chance that The CW may opt to bring Batwoman to our screens as a mid-season replacement. The CW hasn’t locked down the date for its upfront presentation to advertisers, where new series are announced, but it should be sometime during the week of May 13.


SOURCE: Deadline