Jason Momoa shaves his beard to promote recycling

Jason Momoa has a signature look, and a large part of that is his beard. Now he’s shaved it off, but it’s in the name of trying to promote recycling.

Momoa took to his YouTube channel to promote the concept of water being sold in recyclable cans as opposed to plastic. It’s never entirely clear where he is in the video, but you see him walking through a picturesque landscape that is littered with discarded plastic bottles. He stops at the base of a mountain and proceeds to shave off his beard as he talks about the benefits of aluminum over plastic.

Goodbye DROGO, AQUAMAN, DECLAN, BABA! I’m shaving this beast off, it’s time to make a change. A change for the better…for my kids, for your kids, the world. Let’s make a positive change for the health of our planet. Let’s clean up our oceans and our land. Join me on this journey. Let’s make a switch to INFINITELY RECYCLABLE aluminum. Water in cans, NOT plastic.

While beards can always grow back, seeing as he hasn’t shaved his off in over seven years, this is a big step for him. And it certainly has gotten people to pay attention to the message he is trying to spread. And we’re sure he’ll still be able to get work even as it grows back.

Aquaman 2 is scheduled to hit screens on December 16, 2022.