Titans season 2 set video revealed Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne

A new set video has surfaced from Titans season 2 giving us our first glimpse of Iain Glen as an older Bruce Wayne.

It was only announced last week that Iain Glen would be playing an older version of Bruce Wayne on Titans, and no time was wasted getting him to set. Glen has already been spotted filming with Brenton Thwaites. The scene has them walking down a hall in Wayne Manor before entering a room to sit and continue their discussion.


There’s no indication as to what they are discussing, but Bruce seems amused by it.

As this is our first look at Glen in the role, it appears they won’t be darkening his hair up any to match the traditional look of the character. Also, no word on the accent, but you have to imagine that he will be using some form of U.S. accent.

The new season only recently began filming, so this scene could either be for the first or second episode, but not much later in the season. There is always a chance of filming somewhat out of order, but that is not typical for most serialized series.

It has been made pretty clear that Glen was cast as Bruce Wayne, so it seems we shouldn’t be too hopeful to see him in the cowl during his appearances. It’s also unclear exactly how many episodes we’ll be seeing him in.

Titans season 2 is shaping into a heck of a season it would seem. In addition to Bruce Wayne having a part this year, we also have the Wilson family to contend with, that’s not going to leave a ton of room for other storylines it feels like. Esai Morales has signed on as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, while Chella Man will play his son Jericho, and Chelsea T. Zhang will take on the role of Rose Wilson.

DC Universe has now confirmed the season will launch some time this fall.