DC Collectibles cancels Lucha Explosiva figure line

DC Collectibles made a surprise announcement at the end of the week, letting comic shops know that the ¡Lucha Explosiva! line of figures has been canceled. In the letter sent to retailers, it was also stated that the figures would not be resolicited, meaning that the line is dead.

This was the original information shared around the time of Toy Fair 2019.

DC Collectibles is always striving to bring fans imaginative new ways to extend and celebrate DC’s most iconic characters. DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! is a passion project for us. We’re all huge fans of Lucha Libre, and merging Mexican Luchadores with superheroes seemed like a perfect fit. Besides obvious similarities like masks, capes and secret identities, we also think there is a huge crossover between fan bases. With ¡Lucha Explosiva!, DC Prime and other new items debuting this year, DC Collectibles has something special for everyone — for both longtime collectors and new fans alike.

While it’s not unusual for individual products to be shown at Toy Fair and then canceled, we can’t ever recall an entire line suffering that fate. There is a lot of work that goes into an initial release from design to sculpting that has already been paid out, so to completely cancel a line without any of that being recouped is not a small decision.

As collectors, it’s unfortunate that this will never come to be now. It’s always nice to have something a little different in our display cases. For now, we’ll just have images to remember the ¡Lucha Explosiva! line by.