Shazam comes in second at the weekend box office

Shazam! ended its third weekend coming in with a healthy $17.3M at the U.S. box office. A drop of just 30% from its second weekend, and seeing as this was the slowest Easter weekend in more than a decade, that’s pretty good.

The new domestic total now sits at $121.3M, and the global total is $285.18M off of a budget of $100M. When you follow traditional Hollywood math to measure profitability (budget X 2 to account for marketing, distribution, and so on), Shazam! hit profitability last week and is just increasing those margins at this point.

We still haven’t heard anything official regarding a sequel as of yet, but the studio does seem eager to move ahead, and a writer is said to be onboard.

There is only one wide release next weekend – defined as any movie opening on more than 2,000 screens – and, lets face it, nothing is going to stand up to the oncoming onslaught of Avengers: Endgame.

Shazam! will probably land in third place next weekend, with a slim chance at second. Horror films – the top spot this weekend went to The Curse of La Llorona – tend to have pretty significant dropoffs in week two. It’s also still riding high on the A CinameaScore it earned, the good reviews, and strong word of mouth.

If you’ve already seen Shazam!, feel free to jump into the conversation we’re having, or learn what the credits scene meant.