Shazam actress signed a five movie deal

It seems that Warner Bros. covered its bases when it came to the contracts of those involved with Shazam. At least one actress has revealed that she signed a five-picture deal. and that could lead to all sorts of interesting plans for the future.

Jump below the image if you want to find out as this could still be considered spoilers.

Michelle Borth, who played Mary Marvel in the final battle of Shazam!, revealed to Parade that she signed a five-picture deal.

Borth also shared what it was like getting the role, saying “It was tears of joy, but it was just so overwhelming.” She went on to add, “I had never gotten a role from one taped audition, let alone a five-picture deal with Warner Bros. from a one-tape audition. You always have to go through a really long process. There’s a fight to get there, so it was a really incredible moment. That’s all I can say. It was one of those really magical moments of, ‘Oh, my God. You hear about this sometimes. Every now and then, this happens,’ and that was mine. I did a great dance, an interpretive dance, and had a lot of fun with it, and then forgot, and that was it.”

Adding to the confusion, no one was quite sure what Borth was auditioning for at first. ‘What? What kind of dance? What kind of character? My agents are like, ‘Michelle, we know nothing. We are so sorry. Just do the best you can and we’ll see where this goes.’ I was like, ‘Okay.’”

What does this mean for Mary Marvel?

It is not uncommon for actors to sign multi-picture deals and then nothing ever comes of it. This is merely a way for the studio to remove some of its anxiety from future productions. Without these contracts, there would have to be new negotiations for each film, and there would be a higher probability of actors not returning. While Borth has a five-picture deal, this certainly does not guarantee she will be in five films. That will totally depend on the final results for Shazam!.

The film now stands at $322.84M globally off of a $100M budget, so it seems likely there will be another entry. Right now it’s just a holding pattern while we wait for something official to be announced.

Could she get her own spinoff film someday is the really big question, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


SOURCE: Parade