Gotham finale trailer gives us a taste of Batman

The Gotham series finale airs this Thursday, and ahead of that Fox has released a trailer for the episode.

Considering the finale of Gotham will only be an hour long, releasing a trailer that runs over three minutes in length may seem excessive. However, the trailer does take us back to the beginning of the series as well showing us how we arrived where we’re at.

We get a taste of what has happened in Gotham since Bruce (David Mazouz) left the city at the end of the last episode. As Selina – now portrayed by Lili Simmons – confronts Alfred (Sean Pertwee), it’s clear it has been 10 years since anyone has seen him.

It’s also revealed that Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) has spent the past decade in prison, which is interesting since last we saw him he was just with Edward (Cory Michael Smith) planning their return to crime. Clearly, he wants revenge as he takes Commissioner Gordon (Ben McKenzie) to the pier that everyone in Gotham seems to end up on at some point.

While the trailer gives us updates on everyone, you never actually see Bruce, but you do see someone dressed as a bat sticking to the shadows and dropping in – literally – on some of the villains of the city.

And, of course, it appears that Bruce returning to the city awakens Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) from his years in Arkham to once again do battle with his “best friend.” With a little taste of Ecco (Francesca Root-Dodson).

It looks as though it will be a very full hour, which seems like a proper way to send off any series. It’ll be unfortunate to have no Bat-presence on TV again, but all signs seem to be pointing to Batwoman being picked up by The CW, so the gap won’t be a long one.

The Gotham series final, “The Beginning…,” will air in the U.S. on Thursday, April 25.


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