Swamp Thing photos show cut Parliament of Trees props

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With the order for season 1 of Swamp Thing reportedly cut from 13 episodes to 10, you knew some things would have to be but. What we didn’t know was that it would be one of the more iconic things of the Alan Moore run on the series.

The Parliament of Trees made their debut in Swamp Thing #47 in 1986 and were created by Alan Moore and Stan Woch. The story went that when an Earth Elemental’s time was done they would join the Parliament and leave their body with the group while their minds live on in the Green. When needed in the physical realm their minds could return to their bodies to be consulted.

Thanks to some new photos shared on Twitter by @DCWorldSwampy, we see what appears to be Parliament of Trees props being prepped for sue. Sadly, it looks as though the plans for them have been scrapped due to the shortened season order.

(Please note the original images have now been removed from Twitter. We are looking to see if we can locate more copies)


There is always a chance that should there be a season 2 that the Parliament would appear then, but there’s just no way to tell at this stage. The reduced order count has still not been officially acknowledged, so the state of the series is still very much a mystery.

For now we’ll just have to enjoy what could have been and wonder what these props even being built tell us about the series. For one it certainly makes us think that the concept of the Green is going to at least be introduced, or was on its way to being touched upon.

Swamp Thing will debut in the U.S. on DC Universe on May 31.


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