“Doomsday Clock Part One” to be collected this October

Trade-waiters, your time has come, as the first half of Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh’s Doomsday Clock will be collected this October.

While the series has been beset by several delays, going from the originally planned monthly schedule with two planned breaks to bi-monthly to the final three issues being pushed back by weeks and months, that has not impacted the quality of the storytelling. It’s a visually lush book with a dense plot that, somehow, makes the seemingly ill-advised idea of “Watchmen sequel that takes place in the DCU” work remarkably well.

With the series reaching the home stretch, DC have announced that the series will be collected in two volumes. The first, as stated above, will collect the first six issues and be released this October, complete with a brand new cover from Gary Frank. The second volume will follow in May 2020, and it wouldn’t surprise me if a deluxe edition collecting the whole series were to come sometime down the road.

Check out the details below.

Per DC:


Part One of Watchmen Sequel Available This October, Part Two to Follow Summer of 2020

Today, DC announced plans to collect Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s DOOMSDAY CLOCK into two parts beginning this October. Since the first cryptic tease in DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1 to its debut issue, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s DOOMSDAY CLOCK has received both critical and sales acclaim as this sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ WATCHMEN pits the heroes of the DC Universe against Watchmen characters Rorschach, The Comedian and the all-powerful Dr. Manhattan with the fate of the multiverse at stake. 

DOOMSDAY CLOCK PART ONE collects issues #1-#6 and is scheduled for an October release. The 224-page collection will feature a new cover by series artist Gary Frank, carry an SRP (suggested retail price) of $24.99 and feature all six issues in full, including the supplemental material at the end of each issue. Formed by Johns and Frank, this material provides fans with behind the scenes insight to the world that they’ve created. The collection will also contain all six incredible variant covers by Frank, along with colorist Brad Anderson. 

DOOMSDAY CLOCK PART TWO will collect the finale of the series, issues #7-#12, and is scheduled for release in May of 2020. This will also be available at the SRP of $24.99.

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Doomsday Clock Part One will be available this October, with Part Two to follow in May 2020.

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