Fox releases images of Batman suit from Gotham

The series finale of Gotham aired on Fox this past Thursday, and now the network has released a few close-up images of the Batsuit from the series.

While the Batsuit left a lot to be desired on Titans, it was somewhat understandable as it was a stuntman in the suit, and mainly shot from the back. However, with the suit used for Gotham, and knowing they would do at least one close-up, we just can’t defend this one. We try very hard on Batman News to remain positive, but as someone who actually grew up in and around the consumer costume industry, this is just not good.

The eye slits are far too large for one thing, but the cape is just not good at all. Add in the fairly obvious insignia being used to hold it in place, and this feels like a costume that was put together the night before shooting commenced.

With ages to prepare, you would have expected more from the Batsuit. And certainly there was some thought given to saving budget as it was the end of the series and really only needed for a few seconds of screen time, but in the end, we got what will easily go down as one of the worst screen representations of the Batsuit.