Shazam comes in fifth at the weekend box office

Shazam! ended its fourth weekend coming in with $5.5M at the U.S. box office. A drop of 66% from its third weekend, and considering the competition it was facing this weekend, that was to be expected.

The new domestic total now sits at $131.14M, and the global total is $346.34M off of a budget of $100M. When you follow traditional Hollywood math to measure profitability (budget X 2 to account for marketing, distribution, and so on), Shazam! hit profitability two weeks ago and is just increasing those margins at this point.

We still haven’t heard anything official regarding a sequel as of yet, but the studio does seem eager to move ahead, and a writer is said to be onboard. And we know at least some of the cast signed multi-film deals.

With May on the horizon next weekend, the relentless onslaught of new films will begin. More than likely we will now see Shazam! drop out of the top 5 and start to lose screens pretty fast.

If you’ve already seen Shazam!, feel free to jump into the conversation we’re having, or learn what the credits scene meant.