Brec Bassinger shares behind the scenes look at Stargirl

DC Universe is keeping the train rolling on its original series with Stargirl already in production. Things have been relatively quiet on the Stargirl front since the official debut of Brec Bassinger’s costume in March, but it appears filming is indeed underway.

In honor of Superhero Day this past weekend, Basinger took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself in costume with Stargirl creator Geoff Johns.

Johns and Lee Moder created the character, Courtney Whitmore, later Stargirl, in the late 1990s as a way to honor John’s sister who passed away in 1996 in the TWA Flight 800 disaster.

The cast of Stargirl has filled up with some big names over the course of casting. Luke Wilson grabbed the role of Pat Dugan, aka Stripe, while other casting announcements have included Joel McHale as Starman, Brian Stapf will be suiting up as Wildcat, and Lou Ferrigno Jr. is Hourman. Even the Injustice Society is getting in on the series as well. And Courtney will be getting some friends and family Meg DeLacy as Cindy Burman and Jake Austin Walker in an unknown role, and Amy Smart was announced as Courtney’s mom, Barbara.

Stargirl has yet to receive an official premiere date, but a report in Dec. 2018, which has proven accurate on other facts, stated that it would debut some time in Aug. 2019.