HBO releases three cryptic teases for Watchmen

HBO is giving us tastes of its Watchmen series in drips here or there, and the latest ones still have us scratching our heads.

Not a direct adaptation of Alan Moore’s original Watchmen comic, or of Zack Snyder’s movie, this series will move us forward in time of that world. There will be, however, lots of connections.

On Wednesday HBO took to Instagram to share three short videos, with the first one being a clear reference to the “Black Freighter” sub-plot.

The second is clearly a reference to Dr. Manhatten and his time on Mars.

The last shows us a new U.S. flag with a rather interesting twist to it.

At some point HBO is going to have to tell us just how much these stories connect, but for now all we can do is wonder about it.

We still don’t know a premiere date for Watchmen, just that it will be some time in 2019.


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