Aqualad and Aquagirl reportedly swimming into Titans season 2

Aqualad and Aquagirl - Comics - 01

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more characters coming to Titans season 2, along comes news that Aqualad and Aquagirl may be on their way.

According to a new report from The Geeks Worldwide – which has an excellent track record when it comes to Titans casting news – a call has gone out for a 13 – 15-year-old Mediterranean girl to play a “funny, sarcastic, and witty” character. This goes along with recent information that seemed to point to casting happening for Aqualad.

While we used an image from the comics, it is also possible that the series would use the versions from Young Justice. This would mean that Aqualad would be Kaldur’ahm, and Aquagirl would be Tula. This is complete speculation on our part, however, and is based on what we saw of Superboy at the end of season 1.

We’re definitely starting to have some concerns about the number of characters coming to Titans this year. Before this news even came out we had Superboy coming on board, Iain Glen is playing Bruce Wayne, Esai Morales has signed on as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, while Chella Man will play his son Jericho, and Chelsea T. Zhang will take on the role of Rose Wilson. Then there are rumors of Lex Luthor as well as Guardian.

While we’re still excited to spend another season with the Titans, that is just feeling like an awful lot of new characters to have to contend with. New characters are always a fun thing, but they need to have their screen time balanced to make them truly worthwhile. In season 1, with far fewer characters, there were times it definitely didn’t feel like screen time was balanced enough. We can hope lessons have been learned.

DC Universe has now confirmed the season will launch some time this fall.

SOURCE: The Geeks Worldwide