DC Universe introduces Swamp Thing’s Abby Arcane in new teaser video

DC Universe is starting to promote Swamp Thing as we’re three weeks out from the series premiere on May 31.

We finally saw a Swamp Thing trailer released a few weeks ago, and now it seems things are getting a bit more personal. The new 30-second teaser introduces us to Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) who tells us a bit about the swamp and the man of her dreams before a surprise guest star appears.

As we reported in April, there were some strange happenings around the North Carolina set of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing. On April 17 news surfaced that the production of the series was abruptly shut down and the writers instructed to come up with a new way to cap off the season in the tenth episode that was in production.

It’s still not clear exactly what happened. Some rumors have stated the series was pushing the limits of its budget of $85M. But neither DC Universe or Warner Bros. would comment on the situation. Later that same day the first full Swamp Thing trailer was released which seemed like a way to stem some of the growing concern.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out on our TV screens in three weeks time.

Swamp Thing is currently scheduled to premiere on DC Universe on May 31.


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