Family Guy pays tribute to Adam West in season finale

Family Guy paid tribute to the passing of Adam West in its season 17 finale by renaming the town’s high school after him.

Running jokes in the series had included Adam West playing ‘Mayor Adam West,’ which was a fictionalized version of himself. Meanwhile, the high school had been named James Woods High Scool. With the passing of Mayor West, Brian (Seth MacFarlane) suggests that the high school be renamed in his honor.

While Batman fans know West for his portrayal as Batman in the 1966 television series, there are many younger fans who may know him only from Family Guy. It’s good to see that the series did not let this go by without recognition.

The lead time of animation is significant enough that this was about the amount of time it would take to get it done after planning. While series such as South Park are able to produce an episode in a week thanks to the system they’ve set up, normal animation is a lengthy process.

This certainly seems like a fitting tribute for West who had contributed so much to the series. It also will allow his name to be brought up on a regular basis in a natural way.