Shazam! draws closer to ending its theatrical run

The weekend box office numbers are in, and it looks as though Shazam! is getting close to ending its theatrical run.

Since week three, Shazam! has been dropping screens at multiplexes which is completely normal, but weekend six – which was this past weekend – is the one where you see if it’s going to go much longer. However, it dropped 1,585 screens leaving it with 936. It will continue to play for several more weeks, if not even a month or more, but with an estimated $1.06M take this weekend, it is close to being done.

As it stands right now, Shazam! has taken in $137.13M domestically, and a global haul of $358.63M off of a $100M budget.

In the grand scheme of films, this is not a bad return at all as anything over twice the budget is considered profitable. It is not the exact answer, of course, but it is the general formula used by most analysts.

Where things get skewed is just the general performance of comic book films as of late. With Avengers: Endgame currently sitting at $2.485B globally, it’s easy to see how this might tilt your perception of box office results slightly.

These numbers also make it fairly clear it will end its run with the lowest result for any film of the seven in the DCEU. However, it also had the lowest known budget. The next lowest revealed budget is Wonder Woman at $149M. Suicide Squad came in at $175M, Man of Steel at $225M, and Batman v Superman at $250M. The budgets of Aquaman and Justice League, have never been officially announced, but the former is believed to be around $160M to $200M.

While everyone would have liked to have seen Shazam! do better, it is not the worst result in the world. Warner Bros. seems fairly happy as it appears a sequel is already in development. We’ll take it.


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