Abandoned Batmobile found in the woods… again

Zeus Wayne - Found Batmobile - 01
Zeus Wayne

Apparently, if you wander around enough you will eventually run into an abandoned Batmobile just sitting out in the open. It’s only been a little over two months since we last discussed an abandoned Batmobile, so they do seem to be fairly easy to find.

This latest one comes from Zeus Wayne. He won’t reveal where it is (and we don’t blame him), and this one appears to be in even worse shape than the last one.

On the Chicks Love the Car forum, Zeus has said that he is talking with the owner of the vehicle and there is a reason it is sitting idle. It seems this is more a case of an abandoned project than a Batmobile just abandoned randomly with no explanation.

It does make you wonder what the situation is, however, that keeps leading to Batmobiles just being left places. Do the projects prove to be more than they anticipated and then people are stuck with the chassis?

How many more random Batmobiles have been left to rot in yards and fields around the world? It’s an interesting question to ponder to be sure. Our big question now, there’s a Pokemon Go, who’s up for designing a Batmobile Go where you hunt for Batmobiles?


IMAGE SOURCE: Zeus Wayne, used with permission