DC Collectibles Batman Black & White Batman by Sean Murphy review

What if the greatest villain in Gotham was not The Joker, but the Batman? That question is at the core of the epic 8-part limited series, White Knight, which featured the writing and art of Sean Murphy.This limited run Black & White statue captures Murphy’s take on an alternate continuity Dark Knight. Cast in a descending action pose, this is a more unrefined, dangerous, and imposing Batman and is a must for fans of Murphy and the Caped Crusader.

Designed by Sean Murphy

Sculpted by Jonathan Matthews

Limited edition of 5,000

Measures Approximately 8.2″ Tall



Not many artists get the opportunity to create a Batman statue for the celebrated Black & White line from DC Collectibles, and even fewer can say they’ve made two. But after the critical acclaim and financial success of his limited series Batman: White Knight, Sean Murphy is back to craft yet another Caped Crusader for your display case. Oh, and he’s doing a Joker, too!

Now, Mr.J isn’t out yet (look for that one to hit shelves in June, and we’ll have a review of it go up on or before the release date as well), but Murphy’s latest take on a polyresin Batman is on sale in comic shops and online retailers already, so we’ll focus on the Dark Knight himself. Let’s start with the box:

The box is quite nice. A clean design that keeps with the monochromatic theme of the series, and offers close-up photos of the statue, plus the back advertises a handful of upcoming statues from the Black & White catalog. A silver foil DC logo adorns the upper right corner, and the bottom right features the 80th anniversary logo (you’ll only find that on merchandise that’s released this year, of course). Inside are the traditional Styrofoam eggshell trays, which you’ll find tightly tapped together for safe shipping of the two-piece figure within. As always, the Black & White statue’s parts fit together by sliding a metal pin (typically found protruding from the hero’s foot or tucked under the cape) into a notch on the bat-symbol base. The unique number of your limited edition figure can be found on the bottom of the base, which you’ll want to take a gander at since the scarcity of this collectible is what really adds to its overall value.

If you’re serious about shopping for this $80 ode to justice, you’ve probably browsed around and read multiple reviews online already. It’s fine, I’m not hurt. You’re being a smart shopper. Just let me state this firmly: you’re going to see some reviewers say that Batman is displayed leaping at an angle, and those reviewers are wrong. They either need to get better at inserting a pin into a notch or they need to go back to the store and exchange their statue for a new one. Batman’s swooped cape should lie flush to the base and your Batman should stand directly above it like how you see in the official DC Collectibles video and in my photos. That said, the possibility of buying a poorly pinned statue that leans a little too much to one side is the only risk you have of being disappointed with the White Knight Batman. That’s it. We’re done with the negative portion of this review.

This statue accurately captures the aesthetic of Sean Murphy’s artwork in White Knight specifically while still showcasing details that will resonate with Batman fans who haven’t even read the book, and the design itself creates a sense of motion that attracts the eye and prevents it from blending into the background. When I get a Batman statue, I want it to flaunt either an iconic pose, a dynamic pose, or for it to radiate a great deal of personality. If it’s that rare piece that has all three, I’ll even pre-order the thing!

Sean Murphy’s White Knight Batman statue, much like his previous Black & White statue, falls into that dynamic category. No feet touching the ground, arms thrusting him forward, weapons flailing, cape falling beneath him? Come on, folks. It’s enough to inspire the eerie sense that the pint-sized hero is indeed moving whenever we’re not looking at him.

Paint application on my figure is quite well done. I didn’t notice any bleeding or ugly blobs except for he tiniest of gray flakes on a boot. The rough etching here and there to create the chin scruff, forehead wrinkles, and fabric ripples are all wonderful touches that made Jonathan Mathew’s sculpt really feel like Murphy’s pencils ripped from the page. And the gadgets! How about those gadgets? I particularly like the (dark) nightstick that is being flung about from a strap on the utility belt. And if you aren’t fond of the placement of the batarang that’s attached by a cable, don’t worry. The cable is a malleable metal wire that you can twist and wrap and wind however you desire to realize your ideal pose.


When it comes to a Batman: Black & White sculpture, I like to do a quick glance test. One quick glance: can I name the artist? Well, this limited-edition statue passes that test effortlessly. And when I turn back and let my eyes linger on it, I really like what I see. The pose has genuine energy to it, I love the added detail of the tools on the belt, too. And if you are a fan of the 8-issue White Knight comic, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed by this piece. Every element of Murphy’s latest batsuit is there from the spikes on his heels all the way up to the collar around his neck. And I’m betting he’ll look mighty fine displayed alongside the upcoming White Knight Joker figure too.

The DC Collectibles White Knight Batman by Sean Murphy is a limited edition of 5,000 and is on sale now for $80 bucks. I think it’s worth it, and I think that if you wait too long you’ll end up having to pay twice as much for it on eBay six months from now, so treat yourself.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received this collectible from the manufacturer for the purpose of review.


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