Starfire Premium Format Figure coming from Sideshow

Sideshow is back with a new Premium Format figure, and it’s a luxuriating version of Starfire.

Starfire has always been one of the most popular members of the Teen Titans, and this new figure captures her at her most stylish. The new Premium Format figure from Sideshow looks amazing, but if you order directly from the company you also will receive an exclusive frozen figure of Beast Boy riding on top of a Cyborg-themed robot vaccum.

I think your option of where to buy it is pretty simple.

“The world can be so beautiful. Why inhibit yourself with silly taboos?”

X’Hal! Sideshow presents the Starfire Premium Format™ Figure, joining our lineup of DC Comics collectibles.

The Starfire Premium Format™ Figure measures 19” tall as the powerful princess of Tamaran reclines effortlessly against a base formed from her own fiery hair. Starfire’s luscious orange locks descend into vibrant and volumized tongues of flame that hold her aloft, creating her stylish and alluring airborne pose.

The Starfire Premium Format™ Figure is entirely sculpted in polystone and PVC elements, and features Koriand’r in her signature purple costume designed to soak up ultraviolet rays! Her metallic bodysuit, heeled boots, and gauntlets are all detailed with textured paneling, white accents, and red jewels to complete her iconic look. The Tamaranean Titan also has a green starbolt charged up in her left hand, matching the bright green tone of her alien eyes as she coyly smiles at whoever crosses her path.

Joker is available for pre-order from Sideshow. She’ll sell for $545 and is estimated to arrive between April and June 2020.


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