Suicide Squad audition sample may hint to the plot

It seems that an audition sample for The Suicide Squad is making its way around Hollywood currently, and it may give some hint to the movie’s plot.

Typically when an audition sample is sent out it is something completely random so no one can guess at a film’s plot. However, according to The Geeks WorldWide that doesn’t appear to be the case when it comes to The Suicide Squad.

Unknown: Hey, is that the prison?

The General: The Nazis came here after World War II, seeking asylum. They built the prison as a way to continue their unorthodox experiments. That was until the Lloreta family accepted a bounty on the Nazis’ heads and killed them all.

Unknown: Wowza.

The General: The prison endured as a haven for these nefarious experiments outside the grasp of international laws. Many many years ago, rumors began of a beast living within its bowls. These dark rumors helped the Lloreta family maintain power. They would send their political enemies and their families to the fortress never to return. I’ve recently learned that these rumors are not rumors; they murdered thousands of people in bizarre experiments with this creature.

Unknown: Holy cow. I mean, that must be a big relief to get your hands on it now, huh?

The General: Absolutely. Now it is our enemies who shall be fearful. And anyone who has anything negative to say about their new General, they, their parents, their children, and anyone they ever loved can be sent to that prison to feed the beast.

The General has been a rumored character for The Suicide Squad for some time now, and at one time was even rumored to be played by Oscar Issac. It appears that didn’t come together, so it is unknown who will be playing his at this time.

As to the ‘beast’ the two people are discussing, it is beleived that is the MacGuffin – the driving force of a story – for this movie.

Or, it could still be a fake scene meant just for auditions. We just don’t know for sure yet.

The Suicide Squad is due to hit theaters on Aug. 6, 2021.



SOURCE: The Geeks WorldWide

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