Diamond Select Toys Dark Knight Vinimates review

Diamond Select Toys’ Vinimates may not have quite the following as that other vinyl powerhouse, but they have a charm all their own. I have a growing collection on my shelves, and when I saw that DST would be producing Batman, Joker, and Bane from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, I knew I would have to check them out.

So how are they?

Like all Vinimates, they’re fun! Behold:

The charm of Vinimates, like the charm of Funko’s Pop! line, is popular character detail applied to a distinct aesthetic, and the Dark Knight Vinimates are no different.

Christian Bale’s Dark Knight Batsuit features the prominent elements you’d expect, from the armor, to the Bat, to the gauntlet blades and more. Even adapted to the cylindrical Vinimate head shape, the cowl looks very much like the film version—thanks in large part to the ears—and the belt, though light on detail, manages to come off like a dead ringer when you take in the whole figure.

Joker’s custom-tailored suit is reproduced nicely here, and it’s great to see him with a knife, ready to bring joy to the people of Gotham. But the most striking feature is easily the face, which so strongly evokes Heath Ledger’s take on the Clown Prince. The green hair looks excellent, too, but dang, I keep coming back to that face. Look at those eyes.

Bane would have been a success based on his mask alone, but Diamond gets gobs of bonus points for putting him in that amazing coat and posture. This was easily my favorite look for the character in the film. The detail on the rest of his clothing is perfect, too, with the vest and suspenders visible beneath the coat. I feel all inspired, like I’m finally ready to take control of my city.


Vinimates are a simple pleasure, so there’s only so much I can say about them. What I can tell you is that I’ve never been disappointed with a single figure, and this Dark Knight collection is no exception. I’d love to see them add Catwoman, Gordon, and Alfred, so here’s hoping! You can find these (and other Vinimates) online and in stores now.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received these figures from the manufacturer for the purpose of review.


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