Sebastian Stan would love to take a crack at playing the Riddler

Sebastian Stan has spent a considerable amount of time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier. That doesn’t mean, however, that he wouldn’t be open to taking a stroll through the DCEU.

Appearing at the Jus In Bello convention in Rome, Italy recently, Stan was discussing during a panel how he would like to be in a Batman film, but not as Batman, however.

I would love to try and play The Riddler. That’s an interesting character. I don’t know how you’d play that one actually, that would be very hard to be honest, because you couldn’t be like crazy, crazy, crazy. You would have to be kind of much darker than that, but that’s an interesting character.

You can watch his full panel below.

This, of course, is just idle chit chat. There is no current indication of the Riddler appearing in any upcoming films. We do like his take, however. The last big screen version we got of the Riddler was in Batman Forever where he was played by Jim Carrey. It’s easy to argue that version was simply played as crazy. And on TV, it was Cory Michael Smith on Gotham which was played as a split personality. That version at least made some attempts at riddles, but they were never particularly difficult.

While it’s always fun to see who an actor would like to play, it doesn’t mean it will lead to anything. Sometimes they just like to speculate about possibilities the same as fans.

Stan is currently scheduled to tackle the Winter Soldier again in the upcoming Falcon and Winter Solider series for the Disney+ streaming service.


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PHOTO SOURCE: Shutterstock – Sebastian Stan – DFree