Prime 1 Studio announces Joker statue by Lee Bermejo

Prime1 Studio is back with a new Joker statue for your collection based on designs by Lee Bermejo.

Standing just under 28-inches tall, this new Lee Bermejo statue gives you an assortment of portraits which let you decide how menacing the Joker should be.

The basic statue will sell for $1,099 and be limited to 750 pieces, while the deluxe version will go for $1,199 and be limited to 300 pieces. The release is currently slated between July and Sept. 2020.

Below is the description and details for the deluxe version of the statue.

“”Don’t ever apologize to no one for the way you look.”

Prime 1 Studio is excited to present the Joker Statue designed by no one else, but incredibly talented Lee Bermejo, an American comics artist best known for his collaborations with writer Brian Azzarello including the Joker graphic novel.

Lee Bermejo’s Joker design is very dark with stunningly realistic features. Even the base is specially designed by Mr. Bermejo featuring Batman (from Batman: Noel graphic novel) chained to a stone which gives the whole statue even darker look.

The Joker Statue includes in total of four alternate Portraits, three Head Stands and three interchangeable right-hand holding a Revolver, Knife and Playing Cards. The Joker statue, Concept design by Lee Bermejo, stands approximately 28 inches tall and this is the ultimate must have for all Joker fans. This will be the perfect statue to add in your collection with your MMDC-04: Batman Noel and the upcoming MMDC-38: Batman Damned statue coming soon for pre-order!


  • Statue Size approximately 27.8 inches tall [H:70.6cm W:47.2cm D:44.2cm]
  • Head Stand Size approximately 6.46 inches tall [H:16.4cm W:10cm D:15.6cm]
  • One (1) designed theme base
  • Three (3) Head Stands
  • Three (3) interchangeable right-hand holding a Revolver, Knife and Playing Cards
  • Four (4) alternate Portraits (Regular, Laughing, Damaged, Horror Expression)