Tweeterhead announces Dark Knight Returns Batman statue

Tweeterhead - Batman - Dark Knight Returns Batman - Featured

Tweeterhead has a new Dark Knight Returns Batman maquette on the way that demands to be added to your collection.

The new 1/6th scale Dark Knight Returns will be coming in two styles. The Tweeterhead EX version will be blue and grey and limited to 350 pieces. It will include two heads and two left hands. The regular edition will come with only one head and one left hand which will be the style with the Batarangs in it.

The muddy edition will be sold only on and will be limited to 750 pieces. This version will include both heads and left hands as well as an exclusive version of the base.

The maquette is going up for pre-order this Thursday morning for the Tweeterhead EX version. The standard edition will be available on Thursday, June 6. No mention was made of the date for the muddy version, so keep an eye out. Tweeterhead said each version will be $235.


VIA: Comics Now