Queen Studios 1/2 scale Aquaman statue is coming to rule your home

Have you ever looked at a corner of your living room and thought, “You know what I’m missing? A statue of Aquaman that is about 3-foot tall and looks super real.”

No worries, Queen Studios has the product for you.

Queen Studios has unveiled the first preview images of its upcoming 1/2 scale Aquaman statue. Featuring the comic-inspired costume from the end of the film, this statue will be 40-inches tall including the base once it’s released.

The first images focus mainly on the in-progress head sculpt right now that looks like a giant is holding Jason Momoa’s head in their hands. The head will be a mix of medical grade silicone and fully rooted hair, so it’s going to be the next best thing to having Momoa stand in the corner of your room for hours on end.

The price and release date have not been announced yet, but this is sure to not be on the cheap side.