Batman Arkham dev Rocksteady won’t be at E3 this year

We don’t talk about video games here on Batman News very often because, honestly, there aren’t very many good DC video games – or many good comic-book video games for that matter. One of the highlights has been Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series, and since Arkham Knight hit in 2015, we’ve been waiting to hear more about what the developer is up to. Rumor has it they’re working on another DC-related franchise.

But whether that’s true or not, we’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer. Rocksteady co-founder and game director Sefton Hill took to Twitter to quiet the frothing hordes, writing that “a number of you have asked so we wanted to let you all know up front that @Rocksteadygames won’t be showing at E3 this year. We’ll be watching as fans but remaining in London, hard at work on our next big project.”

It’s rough to hear, but it’s good to see Hill putting notion to bed before the big show starts. While Marvel and Crystal Dynamics are set to unveil the big Marvel’s Avengers game finally, we’re going to be waiting for a bit to see what Rocksteady is working on. Rumors have flown around from a Superman-themed game, to a Justice League title, to even something else Batman-related – all of which have us excited. With Arkham Knight coming up on its fourth anniversary, a new game from Rocksteady can’t be too far off – but we’ll have to hold on a bit longer.


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