Swamp Thing canceled at DC Universe

Swamp Thing - Season 1 - Ep 02 - 08

Swamp Thing will be coming to a close with its first season on DC Universe.

Following the abrupt shutdown of production that saw the first season of Swamp Thing cut from 13 episodes to 10, the series has been canceled.

No reason has been given for the cancelation in any of the statements or reports. There have been, however, rumors circulating since the shut down that executives throughout Warner Bros. up to parent company AT&T were not happy with the tone of the series.

According to reports earlier in the day, the 10 episodes will all be shown on DC Universe as planned, with the second episode appearing on the service on Friday as planned.

As to the state of the DC Universe service at the moment, the Harley Quinn animated series is set to debut in the fall, the first season of Stargirl is in production, Titans season 2 is filming, and no word yet on a renewal for Doom Patrol.

We’ll be following to see if any more information is released in regards to the Swamp Thing cancelation. Stay tuned.